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3D Graph in QT

  • Hello all,

    sorry, this questions looks like I didn't google at all (what I did), but somehow I couldn't really find the solution I needed.

    I want to set up a gui for a simulation program. The user can give an input (load/ save things), that's no problem.

    Then I will perform a LOT of calculations and create an output of an array holding x,y,z values and probably another information (a color information, I don't know yet).

    The output array will be some hundrets of MB, probably even some GB.

    Finally I want to display the result to the end user, who needs to see it in a 3D view, turn it here and there, cut parts out and so on.

    And I just can't find a way to embedd a 3D graph into qt. I know that there is a visualization toolkit, but that's commercial... so I prefere a free one. (I would check the licences carefully, since I am doing this for my job - I don't want to run in licence problems). I could imagine to concider even an extra window popping up to display the 3D result. Therefor I could use maybe octave. Or... could I embedd such an octave 3D graph? And if yes, how?

    Or would it be better to use an open gl widget, since it's being rendered on the graphics card? (I want to display some hundrets MB of data at least, I think this alone could be challenging). If yes, could you give me a path, how I would do it and what I needed to learn for this in particular?

    Thank you in advance! :) Any suggestion / discussion would be appreciated!!!

    Best regards,


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    I don't know if QtCharts features anything for 3D, but a thing to consider is the (as of yet tech preview) Qt3D. I don't know of any efforts to wrap/integrate any external tools like Octave (and frankly I don't see much point), but I believe it provides a C/C++ interface so you could certainly try it.

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