NVidia Jetson TX1 and GStreamer Hardware decoding

  • Hello,

    I have problem with GStreamer Video Decoding using Qt. I'm using Video object in QML, video file is loaded but it change frames only once few seconds (it's not watchable). When I use gst-launch directly everything is ok (really good performance). I use gst-launch with this pipeline:

    gst-launch-1.0 filesrc location=<filename.mp4> ! qtdemux name=demux demux.video_0 ! queue ! h264parse ! omxh264dec ! nveglglessink -e 

    I think that problem could be in QtMultimedia Video sink choose. I heard that Qt use its sink qtvideosink, unfortunately I have problems with sinks other than nveglglessink. Is there any option to use hardware decode on NVidia Jetson TX1?


    PS: I'm too faced with some problems with the GStreamer && Qt on Tegra Jetson TK1 (not TX1), and on Raspberry...
    PS2: I think, in this case it is simple to use mplayer or libvlc to render a video in QWidget... I think...
    PS3: Unfortunately, the Qt Multimedia module has bad support and it isn't adjustable, IMHO..

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    One alternative could be to use the QtGStreamer module from the GStreamer folks.

    Hope it helps

  • I am also facing the same problem..
    Have you found any solution for TX1?

    How to display GStreamer pipeline video output to QML videosurface.

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