Use an offline interactive OpenStreetMap in QML

  • I'd like to inject a chunk of map that I got from OpenStreetMap under the form of an osm file.

    From what I've read in the documentation, the Open Street Map Plugin doesn't seem to have any parameter taking a source file as a map. It only works with a server. Problem is I won't have an Internet connection when running my application. I need to use a map internally.

    Ditto for Mapbox and HERE plugins.

    Is there any other way to do this?

    Here is the boilerplate to create a Map:

    Plugin {
        id: somePlugin
        // code here to choose the plugin as necessary
    Map {
        id: map
        plugin: somePlugin
        center {
            latitude: -27
            longitude: 153
        zoomLevel: map.minimumZoomLevel
        gesture.enabled: true

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    You'll most likely need to implement an offline mode for the plugins or implement an offline version of the plugins.

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