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Touch screen

  • Qt version 4.6.3 embedded

    I managed to compile Qt for my i.MX27 platform. I can run the examples on my embedded device, but the touch screen is not yet responding.

    I used the -qt-mouse-tslib when configuring Qt embedded.

    When I do ts_calibrate, I get :

    @xres = 480, yres = 640
    selected device is not a touchscreen I understand

    The calibration screen is displayed with a marker in the upper-left corner, but the touch-panel is not responding.
    I also tried with the command cat /dev/ts , but it returns cat: read error: Invalid argument. (When I do that command on /dev/input/event0, I can see output on the console whenever I push a button on my device - obviously, this must be the keyboard driver)

    These are my environment settings :

    This is the contents of the /etc/ts.conf file :

    @module_raw input
    module pthres pmin=1
    module variance delta=30
    module dejitter delta=100
    module linear@

    /dev/ts exists and is a link to /dev/pmic_adc

    What do I miss here to get it working ? Any ideas ?

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