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How to install qtstyleplugins

  • Hi there,

    I'm new on Qt and I wanted to compile an old project using QCleanlooksStyle which is not supported in recent Qt versions. So I have downloaded the qtstyleplugins but I cannot manage to use it. I used the last plugin version available on github since the original repository seems to be not clonable.

    Anyway the compilation of the plugin with Qt 5.6 (and Qt Creator 3.6) fails because of a not found header: "QtWidgets/private/qpixmapstyle_p.h" . Do i have some other things to install ?
    Before testing with the last plugin version on github, I've tried to use the release version 5.0.0 which compiled fine but which was not visible under Qt Creator. So my second question is: once qtstyleplugins is compiled, how do I install it ?


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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Looks like the missing style is available with Qt 5.7

  • Thanks ! Unfortunately it seems that Qt 5.7 is not yet available from the provided linux installer, but I guess it will be available soon !

    in the meantime, once compiled, how do I install the plugin on Qt creator ? Do I just drop the .so in QtCreator folder ?

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    Why install it in Qt Creator ? If you want to use in your application it your should put it in your Qt build folder under plugins/styles. What will likely be done for you with a call to make install after you build the module.

  • Oh ok ! So I compiled the plugin (version 5.0.0) and installed it this way. Now the problem is that Qt does not find the modules defined by the plugin ("cleanlooks", or maybe "styles/cleanlooks"), although there is a folder plugins/styles with the right libs in it. Do you have a last hint ? (I believe the solution is really close, but I can't find it...)

    I have been looking on this page and it looks like qtstyleplugins has not the same required structure (no qt_<module>.pri file for example).

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    There's no module for it, a plugin goes in the corresponding plugin subfolder e.g. the image format plugins.

    Here you can find an example on how to select a style plugin at application startup.

  • Thanks a lot :) It finally works !

    (I've had a look on the Echo plugin example and not on this one unfortunately)

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