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How to export unit test results of Qt Quick QML app in xunitxml format?

  • I am new to Qt and QtQuick. I recently wrote an app that tests a functionality of a remote server. I wrote the app following tutorials and wrote unit test cases for the app. The unit test cases are exported in xml format. I have reached up to this point. I have not been able to proceed further. What I need to do more is

    • Export the results in xunitxml format.

    • Segregate the unit tests under different test suites. This way would give lot of leverage in arranging the tests.All I see in QML documentations are only Testcases and nothing is mentioned about Testsuites.

    Any help on these two questions would be really welcome. Thanks.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You can have your tests output xUnit xml passing the -xunitxml option when running them.

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