openFrameworks 0.9.3 + Qt creator 3.6.1 + Linux Ubuntu 14.04

  • Hi there!

    I-m new in using Qt and want to ask for some of your help. I-m developing my project in Linux Ubuntu 14.04, with the Qt 3.6.1. I-ve downloaded and installed oF (0.9.3) according to the instructions, and when I want to generate the project with the projectGenerator and make the selection for Qt, it creates the project with a *.qbs file, which is the one I use in order to open the project in Qt.
    The problem is that when I want to add external libraries as I-d normally do it in other regular projects, the option "add library" is greyed out.. like if it's blocked or invalid... I've tried with most of the menus, but still can not find the way to add an external library to this project imported from openFrameworks. oF is 0.9.3
    Would you know how I can add some other external library? or how can I make Qt supports oF?

    Thanks for the attention!

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    That post should get you started.

    Hope it helps