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Qt creator - msvc2015 32bit setup issue with stdio.h

  • I have installed QT 5.6 using the installer and am using the msvc2015 compiler.
    I originally had QT 5.3 installed but uninstalled that before installing QT5.6.
    I have a simple app that I had compiled in 5.3 and I can successfully compile it in 5.6 also.
    I am now adding to my simple app but when I include stdio.h I get lots of errors.
    Here is one of the errors I am getting.
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Include\10.0.10240.0\ucrt\corecrt_wstdio.h:318: error: C2664: 'int _vfwprintf_l(FILE *const ,const wchar_t *const ,const _locale_t,va_list)': cannot convert argument 3 from 'void *' to 'const _locale_t'
    Since this is a standard header file that should work then I am guessing I have some setup issue with some compiler flag or something.

    As a side note every time I start QT creator I get an error:
    "gdb.exe - System Error"
    "The program can't start because cygwin1.dll is missing from your computer.
    Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem."

    I am guessing that the 5.3 uninstall left some setting behind that 5.6 sees that causes it to try and load the gdb.exe but I no longer have gdb since I am using msvc2015 now.

    Any suggestion on what to try next?


  • Found out the stdio.h issue was cause by another .h file I was including.
    Still working through what exactly in the other .h was causing the issue but if I did not include the other .h file then the stdio.h compiled ok.

    I still have the GDB.exe error but I am thinking of asking that in another thread so the issue is in the title so people will see it easier and be more likely to respond.


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    Might be a silly question but are you sure you installed Qt for MSVC 2015 and not MinGW ?

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