How can I use Firebase in C++/Qt?

  • Hi; I need Firebase. I want to use Firebase in C++ and I found this component on github: Qt Firebase. But document is not enough to use. How can I use Firebase in C++? Is there detail document to use? Thanks.

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    The codebase itself looks pretty simple. If that's not enough, you should consider contacting the author.

    All in all, it essentially contacts Firebase using their REST API

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    Qt Firebase is outside of Qt and it seems no good docs exists.
    You best option is to read the source code
    and see what functions it offers.

    If you download the zip, it contains an example.
    The actionhandler.cpp does open DB and list returns.

  • Hi
    Despite not beeing focused solely upon Firebase this topic covers a project for designing a Qt API for using BaaS solution.
    At this stage, this project is only supporting Parse Server, but you can easily add support to Firebase (actually in its first version it was using Firebase and IBM Bluemill partly).
    Even if it is not covering fully your need as it is - it could be helpful to see how to use Firebase with REST
    Hope this helps.

  • @SGaist thanks, I want to use REST API but I don't know network in Qt and my english is not good :) I don't understand good QNetworkRequest etc. Do you know easy document for QNetworkRequest etc.?

    @mrjj thanks.

    @Charby thanks, I looked the enginio and server is not active and I know Amazon AWS, I will look it.

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    @Ibrahim said:


    yes all Qt classes have excellent docs

  • Hi, there is a Firebase plugin available here, which you can also access from C++.

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