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QtCreator 3.6.1 strange selection style bug

  • It use the Creator in Windows 10.
    After some minutes of working with QML (dont know if the problem has to do with it) the selection-style of entries in the GUI changes. For example a selection of a file in the project explorer shows normaly a only blue background.

    Now I have only a frame around the file entry with unchanged background and only the icons gets a blue background. Sometimes the mouse-over style is totally black. The minus or plus icons in a tree-view are in mouse-over case is a empty rectangle.

    There are some other strange effect what makes the Creator sometime nearly unusable. Has someone the same problems ?

    Another selction style detected a dotted rectangel. Strange !

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    Are you experiencing something similar to this thread ?

  • Yes, indeed it is the same bug.
    I recognized the bug not in my own app, but in the Creator itself after some minutes of working with it.

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    Just to be sure I understand you correctly, your application is running fine, right ?

  • Hi @SGaist,
    the bug is in the creators tree views (Projects, Properties, Setting,etc.). I have not checked for my app, because I use no treeviews in my app yet.

    But I figured out, that it has indeed to do with QML ! When I open a QML file in the design mode and go back I get this strange styles. After restarting the Creator all is ok again.
    Absolute reproducable !

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    Can you check whether that still happens with the current Qt Creator 4.0 Beta ?

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