Creating layouts, for use on Qt4 based systems

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    I am rather new to Qt and I am still looking for information on what capabilities it can provide.

    I am developing a GUI that is data driven. It allows users to display data that is logged from different sources. I want to give the user the ability to create custom screens, with simple controls such as text boxes, shapes etc. Each screen would be very simple: a main form maximized onto a touch screen.

    And so at this time, I could develop 2 GUI applications:

    • One to allow the users to create the screen layouts ahead of time, lets call this the designer,
    • Another GUI (the main application) to import the layouts and proper visualization of the data of interest. Lets call this the viewer.

    The designer application is very close to what QtCreator does, except it would be much simpler. It would allow dropping controls into a main window and link it to a data point.
    And so I got to wonder if there is already a tool (from either the Qt design suite or a third party) that allows generating Qt compatible layout descriptor files (if there is such a thing). If there was one then it would save me having to implement the designer tool. The layout files would be loaded by the viewer file, and somehow in the background Qt would figure out a way to generate main windows forms.


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    Are you looking for something like QUIloader ?

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