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Build Qt library for Android on Windows error ('KEY_WOW64_32KEY' was not declared on this scope)

  • Hello. I tried to build Qt library for Android on my Windows machine.
    But configure failed.

    Configure command:
    configure.bat -platform win32-g++ -xplatform android-g++ -nomake tests -nomake examples -android-ndk ANDROID_NDK_PATH -android-sdk ANDROID_SDK_ROOT -android-ndk-host windows-x86_64 -android-toolchain-version 4.9 -skip qttranslations -skip qtwebkit -skip qtserialport -skip qtwebkit-examples -no-warnings-are-errors

    And I received next message:
    environment.cpp: In static member function 'static Compiler Environment::detectCompiler()':
    environment.cpp:194:50: error: 'KEY_WOW64_32KEY' was not declared on this scope
    <builtin>: recipe for target 'environment.o' failed

  • I have no idea why that is, but apparently it is just a constant and you could just define it and hope for the best

    (...and for the next error due to the same underlying cause... but who knows, perhaps this is just a one-off bug)

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