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DEBIAN - no font in custom app when using on a different machine

  • I have compiled a program in Qt5.5/Qt Creator 3.5 on a DEBIAN VirtualBox running on my first MAC. But I try to run it on the same environnement on my second MAC, the program runs without fonts. That was quite a surprise. Not that easy to use a menu driven program without the name of the items. Anyway, I am wondering if there any special conditions to be met to make sure that a Qt program find at least one font on a Linux machine. I have seen this : link text that provide the solution of making the font a resource of the program, but is there another way ?

    Thanks in advanve for the help.

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    What font is it ?

  • Hello,

    Its Cantarell/Regular/11.

    Thanks for taking the time. :)

    Are you sure the font is available on each system you use? If not, then you have to ship the font with your program.

  • @the_
    I'll check tonight but I am pretty sure it is on both system since they are originally both from the same copy of the DEBIAN/VirtualBox and recently I have mainly installed Qt stuffs. I'll tell you as soon as I am back home.

  • In the end the font "Cantarell/Regular/11" is not on my Debian machine. It's only available in Qt Creator. I can't find the associated font on the file system so I wonder were it has been put ? Anyway I have implemented was is described here font added to resources files .

    so --> it is SOLVED

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