C++ Multi-Client TCP Server with QList

  • Necessary informations:

      QList<QTcpSocket*> list;
      QTcpServer* server;
      QTcpSocket* socket;

    In Qt I have built a TCP-Server(QTcpServer)! I have a **QList **with all my connected clients and I want to read the incomming data for each client personally. So if the **QTcpServer **gets a new connection, I handel it like this:

    void Server::newConnection()
       qDebug() << "New Connection";

    How can I get the correct client (out of my QList), which send the **SIGNAL **readyRead(), in my **SLOT **readyRead()?

    void Server::readyRead(){

    Any help is welcomed!

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    hi and welcome
    In the slot, you can call sender() to know who sent the signal.
    Its returns as QObject so you must cast it.

    QTcpSocket* soc = qobject_cast<QTcpSocket*>(sender());
    if(soc) ...

    Remember to check that pointer is not NULL.

  • @mrjj Thank you a lot, it works!!!