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Developer environment improvement (QT Creator)

  • I found that it would be nice to restore last dev environment like opened windows (editor windows with code files at least). It could be based on Creator Sessions.
    Also it would be really great to restore last windows set for every switched git branch.

    It will be really cool assistance for QT developers society.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Do you mean that Qt Creator's session management doesn't do what you need ?

  • Yes, Qt Creator's session management don't do that. Every time when I close and open Creator again I lose my previous windows layout and content. I have just one main Creator window. I think this is not good for advanced IDE.
    And another feature like changing environment after each switching git branches do not exist in Creator at all.

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    Did you create a new session for your project ? AFAIK, many aspects of Qt Creator are save with the current session.

    You can try to open a feature request about the environment change on git checkout.

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    Just check the "Restore last session on startup" box when switching the sessions.

  • Ha-ha! If it will so easy I didn't as about it here.
    Of course, I created new sessions and checked the "Restore last session on startup" box. Nothing. Everytime I have just basic window and no other windows that I opened before.
    So I asked have we this feature in Creator or it is make sense to request to create this?
    But maybe my Creator works not properly?

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    What version of Qt Creator are you using ?

    I don't have any problem with the session management loading my projects/settings.

  • And do you have all extra windows outside main Creator window every time when you reopen session?
    Usually I am opening many such extra windows on my four displays. But if I have closed Creator and then reopened it I have no my extra windows. Just main window with project and last edited file.

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    What extra windows ?

  • @SGaist I use last version 3.6.1
    But it was peculiar to all previous Creator versions on all my computers during last 8 years.

  • @SGaist If you click to Split icon in right up corner of main Creator window then you can choose there 'Open in New Window'. I like to open a lot of such windows to see many places of my project simultaneously. It's useful and comfortable very much.
    So I would like to keep my work environment (these windows) if open Creator again or switch to other certain session.
    But now we have no such feature and we loose previous state. I mean previous session with all opened before windows.

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    Ok, that's clearer now. AFAIK, these should also be saved. Can you check whether you are experiencing the same behavior with the new Qt Creator 4 Beta ?

  • OK. I'll check this on 4 beta tonignt

  • @SGaist The same result for beta 4.0.
    It looks like this feature to remember extra windows is not implemented in Creator.
    Just as it is for switching between sub-sessions for git checkout.

    How it is possible here to request a new feature development?

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    I'd say that the missing windows is rather a bug.

    For the git following, yes a feature request.

    The bug report system is the right place. Don't forget to first check if there's already something. If so, you can vote the reports/requests already submitted.

  • @SGaist Thanks for tips.

    But anyway, as I see the problem, Inability of Creator to remember window layout is not a bug because I had and have the same problem for all Creator Win and Linux versions that I used during last 8 years.

    Can you prove that you can open several windows and then switch to another session and after that switch back to first session and get previous windows layout?
    It is very interesting for me to see that.