Adding events to qml items

  • hi all
    how to add event like opening another qml file or another state , to the qml items ?? means that for example i wanna make menu like the s60 menu , i can press on the icons , it redirect me or open an application ...

  • can you explain little more or paste code here.. I could not get what you really want.

    Are you looking for a mechanism to tie an icon press to opening a new application ? If so, there is nothing as such ready-made thing available right. You will have to implement it by yourself.

  • look , i wanna view an image , that i can press on it , so it do something like redirection to another qml file or another application

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    I would look at using a MouseArea component to capture the presses, and perhaps a Loader to view other QML components.

    The documentation and the examples are your friends.

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