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QWebEngineView in QtDesigner

  • Hi!,

    I have installed QtCreator 3.6.1. I wanted to make some widget layout with built-in QtDesigner and place QWebEngineView in it but I am not able to find any. QWebView also seems to be missing.

    Have those been removed or am I missing something ?

  • In Qt 5.6 Creator if I right click on any *.ui file in Forms folder in Qt Creator
    I can open the *.ui file in separate Qt Designer instance.

  • @enmaniac QWebKit was removed in Qt 5.6. So QWebView is no longer available. Use QWebEngineView as a replacement. In Qt Designer, just add a QWidget to your form and promote it to QWebEngineView (base class: QWidget, header: QWebEngineView). Don't forget to add webenginewidgets to your project file.

  • The last entry in this discussion says "...just add a QWidget to your form..." but QWidget is not an item that can be added to the form in PyQt5Designer. So how can a QWidget be added to a form if its not in the drag and drop menu?

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    @havasu78 said in QWebEngineView in QtDesigner:

    but QWidget is not an item that can be added to the form in PyQt5Designer

    Why do you think so? QWidget is located under "Containers" in the Designer.