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After deploy QtMultimedia missing

  • After deploy QtMultimedia missing

    for my windows desktop app I integrated a QML Camera view in a QQuickwidget.
    (Because the camera-view-finder-widget not really works).
    Started from QtCreator it works, but outside after deployment it works not because the "QtMultimedia module is missing.
    (I got this error after reading of

    QList<QQmlError> ers = QQuickWidget->errors();)

    My deploy
    C:\Qt\5.5\msvc2013\bin\windeployqt -printsupport -multimedia -script C:\Projects\Binary\CarDamage\release\CarDamage.exe --dir .

    After deploy QtMultimedia missing

    QT += core gui sql
    QT += qml quick quickwidgets
    QT += multimedia multimediawidgets
    QT += printsupport script

    What dll is missing?
    How must I change the windeploy parameter?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    IIRC, you should set the path to the binary as last parameter of your windeployqt call.

  • Hello @SGaist ,
    the order changes nothing, but now I think I understand it.
    Because the qml files will not be compiled there is not info in the binary what is needed.
    I must add the --qmldir parameter so that the deployment tool can scan the qml-files it and finds the needed modules.

    Does this mean that I must put all my qml file in one root folder ?
    Not possible to distribute my files over different root folders (for building independent reusable components for different projects) ?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    From a quick look at the sources of windeployqt, it seems that you can path qmldir several times so it will search in all the folders you path as parameter.

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