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Hi all, how to read selected region qwt plot coordinates ??

  • with the following code ,am able to select region and reading curve data but not getting correct values missing index order of closestpoint ,suggestions please

    picker = new QwtPlotPicker(QwtPlot::xBottom,QwtPlot::yLeft,
    QwtPicker::RectRubberBand,QwtPicker::AlwaysOn, myPlot->canvas());
    QwtPickerDragRectMachine* test = new QwtPickerDragRectMachine();

    //connect(picker, SIGNAL(selected(const QPolygon)),this,SLOT( click_on_graph(const QPolygon)));
    connect(picker, SIGNAL(selected(QRectF)),this,SLOT( click_on_graph(QRectF)));
    void Mainwindow::click_on_graph(QRectF area)
    int start;
    int width=area.width();
    start = curve->closestPoint(picker->trackerPosition());
    for(int i=0;i<=(width-1);i++)
    QPointF graphintensity=this->curve->sample(start+(i));
    points 274 - 290
    start point 274 and end point 290 in between only need to read
    but here start is 282 and end is 297

    x= QPointF(282.644,4.28082e+09)
    x= QPointF(283.644,4.27951e+09)
    x= QPointF(284.644,4.27911e+09)
    x= QPointF(285.644,4.27898e+09)
    x= QPointF(286.644,4.27898e+09)
    x= QPointF(287.644,4.27898e+09)
    x= QPointF(288.644,4.27891e+09)
    x= QPointF(289.644,4.27885e+09)
    x= QPointF(290.644,4.27885e+09)
    x= QPointF(291.644,4.27891e+09)
    x= QPointF(292.644,4.27891e+09)
    x= QPointF(293.644,4.27878e+09)
    x= QPointF(294.644,4.27885e+09)
    x= QPointF(295.644,4.27885e+09)
    x= QPointF(296.644,4.27885e+09)
    x= QPointF(297.644,4.27891e+09)

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    You should bring this to the QWT folks. They likely be faster to help you with this question.

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