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Qt Creator: Why auto setting Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler?

  • Hi; I installed Microsoft C++ Compiler (I installed VS 2015 and I use Qt 5.6) but it did not auto set like MinGW Compiler (Build & Run -> Compiler : Auto-detected [Image]). Why I need manuel setting to Microsoft C++ Compiler? There is not Microsoft C++ Compiler on the Compilers tab. Am I obliged to manuel setting? How can I do auto-detected? Thanks.

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    Are you sure you installed the C++ compiler when you installed VS2015?
    Can you check whether you can create and build a simple C++ program in VS2015?

  • @jsulm Thanks, it is working. I installed Visual C++ Compiler from VS 2015 and it is auto-detected. But I am compiling a project (Image) but I get an error (Image). How can I compile a project? What is this error?

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    Try with "Desktop Qt 5.6.0 MSVC2015 32bit". Don't forget to execute qmake first (right click on project and then "Run qmake" then do a rebuild.

  • @jsulm I tried MSVC2015 32bit Desktop and it is running but WinRT armv7 or Windows Runtime are not running. I get same error. I opened an universal project in the VS 2015: Image1, Image2 and Image3. (I installed Universal Windows Tools). And Should I choose WinRT, Windows Runtime or Windows Phone ( this is for VS2013) in Qt? Developing Windows app is very complex.

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    Did you install Qt for Windows Runtime? You can do it using the Qt maintenance tool.

  • I solved the problem and I want to say Installing Windows RT, Runtime Apps in Qt (for Qt 5.6 (or Qt 5.5.1 and Qt 5.6 packages)):

    • First you download Qt, Visual Studio and Windows SDK.
    • Install Qt with MSVC 2015 32Bit, Windows Runtime 32Bit and WinRT armv7.
    • Then install Visual Studio and you check installed Visual C++ compiler (open a C++ project from VS, you understand).
    • Windows SDK (be careful for installing debugger tools) and I recommed you restart pc.
    • You check the Windows Tools in Qt Creator to installing successfully (Tools => Build & Run => Kits, Compilers etc.).
    • Finally you open the Qt Creator and create a Qt Quick Application. Compile to Windows Runtime 32Bit.

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