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Hybrid Qt/QML/HTML5 app

  • Hi guys,
    I was planning to create an hybrid app using Qt/QML/HTML5.
    The application should be able to inject some QML elements or Qt widgets inside and interact with it.

    I found that we can do that using WebKit [1] (at least for Qt widgets)
    But it seems that it's not yet implemented in WebEngine (isn't Webkit deprecated?).

    Does anyone has experience doing a similar thing? Which approach do you think is better? How do you suggest to work with Qt/QML/HML5?


    [1] http://daniel-albuschat.blogspot.nl/2008/12/embedding-qt-widgets-into-qtwebkit.html

  • Indeed, WebKit has been deprecated and won't, therefore, be shipping with the forthcoming Qt 5.6. However, you can still build from source (or, at least, you should still be able to build it from source).

    As a general rule, new projects ought to use WebEngine, but because there isn't yet a 1:1 correspondance between WebEngine and WebKit (is there ever going to be?!), you might have no choice but have to use WebKit for the time being.

    (I am in that boat too, i.e. WebEngine is currently missing too many things to make it possible for me to drop WebKit -- I tried! --. Yet, I can't see myself building WebKit from source, so I am not going to upgrade to Qt 5.6. In the end, I really wish Qt would release binaries for WebKit. Not as part of Qt 5.6 since it's going to be an LTS, but at least on the side so many people (I am sure) don't feel like their only options are either to build WebKit from source (!!) or stick to Qt 5.5.)