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DDLs and Libs not loading for web based loading and execution.

  • Alright, seems I've hit a snag recently and I have not idea on how to approach this... and google searching is pulling up weird answers, probably because I'm having a hard time asking the question in a concise way.

    Basically when trying to have php and/or coldfusion attempting to execute my applications, dll loading fails (and possibly the static libs too, and I have no way of detecting this) causing the programs to fail due to database connections, and other functions, not being accomplished as the libs/dlls aren't loading.

    What to I need to do in my MSVS 2013 projects (citing this specifically just for GUI navigation in MSVS) to allow for this to happen on the exe side so this doesn't blow up on loading failure in something. Is this something where I need to add a registry path? Put files into a certain location? I'm stumped on the path to start taking here.

    Thank you!

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    Did you deploy your application or just copy it where it should be executed ?

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