Debug Shortcut in QtCreator

  • Hello everyone,
    is there a shortcut to switch to debug pane (where there are variable with values) and a shortcut to switch to views pane (where there are breakpoints list and so on) ?
    I found shortcut to switch to others pane (ALT+numPan for issues pane, search, application output and so on...) but not for debug and views pane.

    Thank you

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    You can find out this if you move the mouse cursor to the Debug icon on the left side and wait a bit.

  • Thank you jsulm for answer, but I don't mean that;
    if you run project in debug mode a debug panel with all the variables and their values at breakpoint appear, but I don't know if there is a shortcut to switch to that panel;
    others panels are the "views panel" (you can open these panel from Window / Views), and here too I don't know if there are shortcuts to navigate between these panels.

    Thank you

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