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why any widget Qt opensource has a specail license?

  • hi,when i examine Qt widgets ,i saw any widget has a special license .like these product:

    QSegfaultHandler BSD-style
    QUrl Modified BSD
    EUC-JP Text Codec BSD-style
    QImage BSD
    FFTReal LGPL
    for more info license:

    it is not struggle for users that using different Qt widget?
    i am not a lawyer,only i want to know:how much i am free in using Qt opensource widgets?why the widgets aren't unified in license

    thanks for reply

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    It's explained in the document you linked: because Qt uses code written by other for certain things.

    What do you mean by "how much am i free" ?

    What non-unified license did you find in the Qt Widget module ?

  • @SGaist
    for example :
    i want to develop a game in Qt with using different widgets.
    it is possible that i published it closed source!?
    or we s when using a widget with GPL licenese,we should publish it opensource?
    thanks for reply

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    Qt's sources are covered by the same set of license, GPL, LGPL and Commercial. There's no one widget with a license and another with another license.

    You have to choose which license you want to use with your project and then abide by its rules. The commercial license being only available once you bought it.