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MySQL : wrong driver version

  • Hi,

    I'm using Qt5.6 OpenSource (I had the same problem with 5.5) on Debian Jessie.
    I'd like to connect to a MySQL database.

    The problem is that Qt is looking for libmysqlclient_16 but it's not the currently installed version (which is libmysqlclient_18). I tried to add symlinks from 18 to 16 (didn't work).

    I read that I need to rebuild the plugin to make it use the newest driver (here). Sounds good, but I can't find a $QTDIR/src/plugins/ directory. I have a $QTDIR/Src/ but no "plugins" inside it.

    I'm new to using Qt, so I'm a bit lost. Any insight would be appreciated.
    Thank you !

  • Auto-replying : I just found this tutorial that will be very helpful.

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