QSqlQuery::execute after an insert returns always failure due to UNIQUE constraint validation. Double insertion while using QSqlQuery

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    The following code block return failure due to UNIQUE constraint.

    QString query =
    QString("INSERT INTO UsedStID(StID,UsedID)VALUES(%1,%2)").arg(createdID).arg(stID);
    QSqlQuery queryExecuter(query);
    qDebug() << query <<"____" <<queryExecuter.lastError();

    Instead of following line :

    QSqlQuery queryExecuter(query);

    Use like:

    QSqlQuery queryExecuter;

    The reason for this issue is, when you are passing a query string to the constructor it will execute this query and return resulting query object that contains data fetched from the DB (inserting result/error string/real data ifselect is used). Please see an example here http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qsqlquery.html#details
    This code snippet:

    QSqlQuery query("SELECT country FROM artist");
    while (query.next()) {
    QString country = query.value(0).toString();

    will fetch the data from the artist table and creates a query object from which the one can retrieve data. It is small thing, but it is not mentioned in documentation.

    Note: - This is created as per the communication Dmitry who is a Qt support engineer.

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    More precisely you are executing the query twice hence the error since you have a unique constraint in your table.

  • @SGaist
    Yes. That is the conclusion.

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