Any real-world apps built with Qt?

  • I'm looking for a solution for my next app.

    I'm fairly good at ios, but suck at Android. I want to create fancy ui transitions that are common on ios on Android.

    Qt seems to be a good solution for that.

    I'm wondering if there are any serious android app built with Qt?

    I'm worrying about integrating maps and cameras when using Qt.


  • @billconan Qt is a serious candidate in that regard and integrating maps and camera is well supported and especially easy with QML. You still will have to add a few native code when it comes to manage os features (let's say copying a picture to the gallery) but most of the code can be done once as Qt promised.
    I agree that it would be great to have a complete actual example of a mobile app deployed to diffrent platform. I am considering releasing such a project (social application with picture sharing that demonstrates camera, qr code genertion and reading, animation, cloud storage etc...). And mentioning it, a current impedancy is that Qt doesn't propose anymore an out of the box solution of cloud backend ( is landing).

    Regarding Map integration, you can have look to the workshop material here
    and our next workshop wll deal with Camera so I will post the related materials next week.

  • Ableton and Popcorn Time.

  • Qt Champions 2016

    starting with Qt 5.6 and qt.labs.controls, Universal style and also support of high dpi from my POV you can write cool Android and iOS apps.

    I'm just evaluating QT and will try to develop ...
    a) a real-world app for one of my customers including BT LE. this app is running inhouse distributed via BlackBerry BES12, so I cannot talk about
    b) a complete sample app together with a blog series to describe HowTo use Qt. primary target: BlackBerry Cascades developers, but will be also valuable for Android / iOS developers - you can ignore the parts where I compare the concepts and HowTo design with Qt
    c) Conference APP for Qt Summit in San Francisco

    so stay tuned. I'll send a forum message. the story should start soon ...

  • i too am developing a game in Qt,it uses camera android,animation methods ....
    it is great undoubtedly.

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