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Why did they remove QWebKit in Qt 5.6?

  • Hi; I look at the wiki page. I saw QWebKit which is removed in Qt 5.6. Why did they remove QWebKit in Qt 5.6? Is QWebKit bad technic for web? Thanks.

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    It's been a story for a couple of years now. The Qt WebKit module is to be replaced with Qt WebEngine. See the old blog post and the following ones. Since then both these technologies have been kept around, which is a constant headache from maintenance point of view.
    The problem is that there's a large overlap in what these modules offer, but they are not 1:1 replacements for each other (yet).
    So for now the old Qt Webkit module is removed from the package, but is still kept around as as a source, should you want to compile it yourself. The plan is that it will be dropped entirely sooner than later to be completely replaced by Qt WebEngine.
    You should not consider Qt WebKit for any new or future projects, as it is being phased out and there are many people itching to drop it entirely as soon as possible.

  • I understand the decision not to include WebKit in Qt 5.6 since they want to make it an LTS, but considering how far away we are from a 1:1 correspondance between WebKit and WebEngine, it would be nice if they were to provide binaries for WebKit, on the side. Indeed, to build WebKit from source seems rather involved (and possibly time consuming), so some people might just decide to stick to Qt 5.5, which wouldn't be a good thing either.

  • @Chris-Kawa Qt WebEngine has the possibility to load html page like Qt WebKit ?

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    @cfdev yes, that's one of its purposess. See the docs and one of the examples.

  • @Chris-Kawa Ok thanks, I'll see that

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