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make check not working

  • Hi all,
    this is my project structure: (subdirs template which link to and
    \src (create a dynamic library with DESTDIR set as $$PWD/../lib)
    \test (project with ut with CONFIG += testcase, qt += testlib, LIBS+=-L$$PWD/../lib and DESTDIR=$$PWD/../run)

    when I run "make check" the execution of the unit test does not start since it does not found the dll which indeed is not in the same folder

    Is there a way to execute the tests with make check without a manual copy of the dll?
    Note I'm working with qt5.5. on both windows and mac

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    For Windows, either modify the PATH environment variable for the check part to also point the to the folder where your DLLs are or put the tests destination folder in the same folder as the DLLs

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