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Crosscompile qtquick module for Arm based board

  • i had crosscompiled qt5 for Arm based board, the examples applications (using qtwidgets) works fine in the board, but i can't use any module of qtquick (as Controls, Dialogs, etc. ). In the installation folder for Arm there are not compiled all the modules, for example, in this folder :

    there are only this folders
    but in the normal installation(for my 64 bits laptop) there are this folders

    I think i need to crosscompile Qt5 with OpenGl, until now my installation only use LinuxFB. When i am crosscompiling the modules with the qmake of Arm, it give me an error related with OpenGl;

    The question is what i need to do to crosscompile the complete qtquick module for Arm.
    Searching in the web there is something related to crosscompile MesaGL for Arm, I'm trying to crosscompile MesaGl but i think i found a bug in the Libdrm package.

    Any help will be appreciated.

  • @Eddyglezz
    in the arm based board is only running a linux kernel

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