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QtWebView Extra for Android

  • Hi. I want to show some html content in QML WebView on android using Qt5.4.1
    I compiled WebView Extra for android and Desktop(gcc 64-bit linux) using following commands:

    $ export ANDROID_API_VERSION=android-10
    $ qmake
    $ make
    $ make install

    note that my Qt and Android SDK and NDK are in Home directory.
    According to documentation, WebView has loadHtml method. but when I call this function in QML, following error occurs:

    TypeError: Property 'loadHtml' of object QWebView(0x60c784d0) is not a function
    geometryChanged Invalid geometry:  QRectF(0,0 1280x0)

    qml autocompletion even does not have this method.
    What's the problem?

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