Error After building in device

  • Hi,everyone.
    I want to develop a app that can upadate my device calender but when i run the app it build in my build in my device but as i set something in my app that can be shown in my device error generate..

    Process 2498, thread 2499 stopped at 0x7c744772: A data abort exception has occurred.

    i cant understand the error ...can anyone suggest me..


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    hi gogoi
    you should provide some more details on operation system, compiler and other stuff you are using.

  • ok koahnig..i am using qt sdk1.1,device used is nokia c7,platform is windows 7

  • Hello friends ,Am trying to run my project which involves organizer api usage and I have written a function called save,wen i click on this function ,I am getting the error as "Process 1321, thread 1322 stopped at 0x7cdc4772: A data abort exception has occurred."
    my save function code is below
    @void addevent::saveClicked()
    // Read data from page
    QDateTime start(m_startTimeEdit->dateTime());

    QDateTime due(m_dueTimeEdit->dateTime());
    if (start > due) {
        QMessageBox::warning(this, "Failed!", "Start date is not before due date");
    int index = m_priorityEdit->currentIndex();
    m_organizerTodo.setPriority((QOrganizerItemPriority::Priority) m_priorityEdit->itemData(index).toInt());
    index = m_statusEdit->currentIndex();
    QOrganizerTodoProgress::Status currentStatus = (QOrganizerTodoProgress::Status) m_statusEdit->itemData(index).toInt();
    QOrganizerTodoProgress oldStatus = m_organizerTodo.detail<QOrganizerTodoProgress>();
    if (currentStatus == QOrganizerTodoProgress::StatusComplete && oldStatus.status() != QOrganizerTodoProgress::StatusComplete)
    // Save
    if (m_calendarComboBox->currentIndex() > -1) {

    // qDebug()<<m_organizerTodo;
    // if (m_manager->error())
    // QMessageBox::warning(this, "Failed!", QString("Failed to save todo!\n(error code %1)").arg(m_manager->error()));
    // else
    // return;
    // //emit showDayPage();


    so friends please help me out..


  • Run your code in a debugger and see what causes the crash.

  • Ok Zap I will check out..and one more thing my entries are not getting saved in device calender?


  • Once again, a debugger will help you see why that is so.

  • whether any mistake in code?

  • does it work on Simulator?

    edit: For my defense, couple of comments above were not visible when I posted this :)

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    Yes, the use of a debugger is most likely the only resoure you have to find your coding errors. Maybe your program is not executing a part, which it should execute.
    Nobody can answer or help you in that respect better than your own debugger.

  • The use of a debugger, either human and/or in the form of a computer program, is your only hope of finding your problem. Both require an investment by you, either in time, in money or both.

  • hey tdmatsu..i didnt got such error in simulator wheni clicked on save button


  • ok. anyway, if you know that the crash is always happening in that function, i think it's just a matter of time and effort to find out which line is crashing.

    happy debugging!

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