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Include Files trouble

  • Hey there,
    I recently started Programming with Qt creator and have a little trouble with the settings.
    I want to include <QCore> and <Qxml> but I get the error message, that the directory couldnt be found.
    So, actually I have a little experience with eclipse and I usually include the include file in the property of the project. Bur in this case I cant found such property. I tried to include via "add lib" by richt clicking the prohect, but it didnt work because I habe to put a Lib file there and I dont know which one.
    I think it is a little problem but huge for me as a beginner. Hope you can help me.
    Btw. What do work is e.g. <QCoreApplication>


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    @pluxyy said:


    Hi and welcome

    did you add the module to the pro file?
    QT += xml
    in .pro file?

    Some includes depends on activation of the module in the project file.

  • Thank you mrjj,
    yes I tried this one too, but it didn't help. Further I set the include path in the pro-File but it didnt help either.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You got the name wrong, it's #include <QtCore> or #include <QtXml> in any case you really really should avoid using module wide includes. Why ? Because you are going to pull in every other header from the module which will slow down compilation because they will all be parsed.

    As a good habit, you should only include what you use. Nothing more.

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