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issue in building QSDB2 plugin on Linux

  • Hi Team, Could someone help me with the steps for creating QSDB2 plugin for Db2 v 10.5 with QT 4.7 on Linux.. i checked the online documentation but it looks very old and didn't help.. any help/reference on this would be really useful. Thanks!

  • Dear Team , i am trying to setup DB2 V 10.5 on QT creator IDE 5.1. The documentation says Db2 is supported and tested with 7.1( looks very old) and onwards. The documentation given to generate the QDB2 plugin seems old or not clear and i am not able to generate the plugin for the same( I am using RHEL 6.x). Could some one help me on that.. it's urgent..

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Since you failed to build the plugin, you should tell us what you did and what went wrong.

    This forum is community powered so if you are in such a hurry then you should consider hiring a specialist to help you (e.g. The Qt Company, KDAB, ICS etc.)

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