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Q_UNLIKELY and compiler optimization

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    If I put a function call inside Q_UNLIKELY can I be sure that it won't be optimized out? Am I gaining the cache branching reduction one'd expect this way, or it's better to use a variable? E.g.

    if (Q_UNLIKELY(myfunction() != SUCCESS))
         ; // Do stuff

    or should I use:

    register int result = myfunction();
    if (Q_UNLIKELY(result != SUCCESS))
         ; // Do stuff

    Kind regards.

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    What is the value of success ? Depending on it you can use Q_LIKELY but in any case AFAIK, it won't be optimized out.

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    Success is equal to zero. I'm not expecting MPI_Iprobe (the function in question) to ever return an error, unless something is very wrong with a node. However the constant is external to my application and while it's value probably won't change I can't be certain of it.

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    That's the kind of constant that shouldn't change. Usually success = 0 and anything else (usually below 0) is an error code. Sometimes a positive number can be an information like the size of something.

    I'd go for the first version of your if in case you have doubts that SUCCESS might change

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