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QDir.entryList() doesn't list all items in firefox profile directory

  • Hello My Friends
    I have to work with QT in a project. in the first glance, QT is the best but sometime i confront some errors or bugs that i could not find any rationale for that. at first i prefer to change my code on other ways but now i think i love QT, and i need to find out why these problems happens.
    for first question, i'm working on firefox profile directory. my code is like bellow

    QString dataPathRoaming = QStandardPaths::writableLocation(QStandardPaths::AppDataLocation);
    QDir fdir(dataPathRoaming+ "/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/"+ fireid);
    QStringList fireall =  fdir.entryList();

    fireid is find and set programmatically and is the directory inside firefox profile directory.
    the problem is fireall not list some files. for example "places.sqlite.FR1" file.
    the file is not in used and could be renamed , removed or restored. these shows the file is like other files but entryList() not shows it in the fireall list. it's not my critical problem but i will happy if i know why.
    i prepare a screenshot bellow.
    thank you all and see you on next problem.

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    Did you check the permissions of this file ?

    Are you running Windows 8 ?

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