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Issues with QMake version when integrating PyQt

  • My issue, and I realize I'm not alone, is that PyQt5 module will not install unless Qt reports a 5. + version of QMake.
    I've updated the Path variables to include the location of qmake.exe living in the Qt 5.5.1 \bin folder.
    The updated Path entry is second from the far left in the variable list, only right of Java.

    Tried simply setting the variable dynamically - c:...\qt...>qmake -set QMAKE_VERSION 5.5.1.... worth a shot anyway. :)
    qmake -query reports all correct data, except the second to last line, which is QMAKE_VERSION:3.0

    So questions then:
    How do i manage the active version of QMake? Only through the PATH variables?
    Am i doing something wrong with the path? Adding the 5.5.1 path changes the behavior when running pyqt5, so it's doing something yet still returns QMAKE_VERSION 3.0.
    Can anyone solve this seemingly ridiculous issue for me?
    Can anyone point me towards their favorite posts on this issue? Everything I'm reading just reiterates the troubleshooting I've already done many times over.



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    There is no qmake 5.+. qmake shipped with Qt 5.5.1 is 3.0
    Are you sure PyQt5 is complaining about the qmake version and not Qt version?

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