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Deploying an Application on Windows

  • Hi,

    I successfully deployed a test app to get used to the process but I just have one question. I followed the steps in this link, not all of them just the ones I listed below:

    Copy the following into C:\Deployment
    The release version of MyApp.exe
    All the .dll files from C:\Qt\5.2.1\mingw48_32\bin
    All the folders from C:\Qt\5.2.1\mingw48_32\plugins\

    The program ran successfully but I'm just wondering if I need all the .dll files for every single program I develop. The .dll files are 1.9GB, are they all need for all types of programs?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    no no, often its far less.

    Ahh, you used the (Quick and dirty) and skipped the
    "If your app worked correctly, congratulations! You are almost ready for deployment. You don't want to ship a 1.5GB package though, so it's time to clean up unused files."

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    You don't need every DLLs shipped with Qt or MinGW.

    I don't remember if Qt 5.2.1 already had it but in more recent versions your have the windeployqt tool that helps getting the dependencies in place.

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