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QT QML on linux framebuffer

  • Hello!
    I 've built the qtbase for banana pi for linux framebuffer, because I wasn't able to make eglfs_mali working at this time.
    For mkspecs, default device is eglfs_mali, so I have to write "-platform linuxfb:fb=/dev/fb0 " as an option everytime I run application.

    The one question I have at this time is : Does QML application require using opengl plugin? I am asking, because I can run any normal application using .ui files and following above mentioned method, but I can't run QML application proceeding this way. When I try to run an application written in QML standard, screen just stops responding- there isn't even any error on the screen.

    Do you know why is that so?

    Of course all additional qt modules were built, and libs on device and on computer are complete.

  • Just for curiosity I checked what Google can tell about this and found
    [](link url)

    ...which notes that Qt Quick 2 require OpenGL

  • @mvuori Thank you, maybe I wasn't searching enough long.

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