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Qt and OpenGL on mac.

  • Hello guys i have a question regarding the mouse event and my openglwidget.

    Why do i need to move the mouse first before the changes apply to my widget.

    For example i delete my object then after that, some menu from my widget bar should be disabled. But if i didn't move my mouse, the those menu is still enabled until i move my mouse cursor.

    I think pressing on keyboard will trigger the disabled too.

    Note: This case works well on windows playform.

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    Your description is not clear.
    Which mouse event do you mean? When do you delete your object? What is the triger?

  • Ok here is it.

    I have a shape and i putted 2 of it on my workplane, and i selected them both. since the selected object are more than one, it will enabled the group button on the toolbar. I have a code that will disabled the group button if there is no selected object. or there is only one slected object/shape. but when i suddenly delete the object using my delete button on keyboard, the group button is still enabled(even the object is already deleted and no object is selected) until i move my mouse or press anything from my keyboard(after doing mouse move or click . and keyboard press then that is the way that the button will go on disabled mode).

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