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Checking for selecting

  • Hi there !

    I'm new in the programing world. I'm trying to do a simple QActionGroup which allows me to check for selecting between multiple availables cameras. I'm creating the QActiongroup menu like this (thanks QT examples) :

     camerasMenu = menuBar()->addMenu(tr("&Cameras"));
        QActionGroup *groupeCameras = new QActionGroup(this);
        foreach (const QCameraInfo &cameraInfo, QCameraInfo::availableCameras())
            QAction *groupeCamerasAction = new QAction(cameraInfo.description(), groupeCameras);
            if (cameraInfo == QCameraInfo::defaultCamera())
                qDebug() << cameraInfo.description();

    Actually, i setup the viewfinder like this, manualy :

        QCameraViewfinder *viewfinder = new QCameraViewfinder(this);
    //Display Video stream
        foreach (const QCameraInfo &cameraInfo, cameras)
                qDebug() << cameraInfo.description();
                if (cameraInfo.description() == "cameraname")
                    camera = new QCamera(cameraInfo);

    Then i just connect "camera" to a simple pushbutton "on" that activate the stream.

    I want to be able to change the default camera by checking the camera desired on this QActiongroup, then when i click on my "on" button, that start the stream of the camera checked, and not the camera that i'm actually manualy choose.

    Am I clear ? :s

    Have a good day !


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    the line QVariant::fromValue(cameraInfo) only works if the type is already registered as a meta type to Qt. I am not sure if QCameraInfo is registered as such (you will receive an error if not).

    If not you need to add it (somewhere before using it):

    Q_DECLARE_METATYPE(QCameraInfo) // put this in a header file
    qRegisterMetaType<QCameraInfo>(); // maybe in the constrcutor, or a static initializer

    Or simply add the description string to avoid this at all.

    Either way connect to the QActionGroup triggered(QAction)* signal in case you want to immediately react on the changes or use QActionGroup::checkedAction() to get the currently selected action.
    From the action then retrieve the data you already set using QAction::setData().

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    is enough for QVariant, qRegisterMetaType<QCameraInfo>() one needs for queued connections.

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    yes right.
    It's a personal habit of mine to also call qRegisterMetaType() along with Q_DECLARE_METATYPE

  • hi ! Thanks for your answers!

    I've already fixed the meta type problem by the past by adding Q_DECLARE_METATYPE(QCameraInfo) in the .cpp file, seems to work like this, but is it better to put it into the header even if Qt dont send any error ?

    I started to use the QActionGroup triggered(QAction)* signal like this :

    QAction *checkedButton = groupeCameras->checkedAction();

    (As reminder : groupeCameras is the QActionGroup.)

    I dont know how to do after this. I'm thinking about setting the checked camera as "defaultcamera" and construt the QCamera on it like this for example :

    QCameraInfo camdefault = QCameraInfo::defaultCamera();
    camera = new QCamera(camdefault);

    But i dont know how to link QAction to a QCamera in fact...

    Thanks a lot again for your help !

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    the triggered() is a signal not a method you should call.

    connect( actionGroup, SIGNAL(triggered(QAction*)), this, SLOT(onActionSelected(QAction*)) );
    // must to be declared as slot
    void onActionSelected(QAction* action)
           QCameraInfo info = action->data().value<QCameraInfo>();

    Checks left out for this example.

    Or if it's easier for your code design use

    QAction* action = actionGroup->checkedAction();
    QCameraInfo info = action->data().value<QCameraInfo>();

    at a appropriate place.

  • Thank you,

    Yes, my coding method is not clean, i'm learning alone, so it's harder to have clean habits. I will use your first example, it's seems to be a good way for resolving my problem + learning how to code properly.

    Now i'll try to go ahead alone, i hope it will be good !

    Thanks again @raven-worx, wish you a good day !

  • Hi again,

    Your solution worked well, now when i check on the QActionGroup groupeCameras, that selects the camera as i wanted.
    But now, i want to display the camera's stream i choosed, but i got this answer back in the command window :

    • "CamChoosed"
      Failed to get the video control

    Did i miss something obvious ?

    Here is the code :

    connect(groupeCameras, SIGNAL(triggered(QAction*)), this, SLOT(onActionSelected(QAction*)) );
    void MaFenetre::onActionSelected(QAction* action)
           QCameraInfo info = action->data().value<QCameraInfo>();
                   qDebug() << info.description();
                    camera = new QCamera(info);

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You don't seem to delete the original camera before creating a new one thus I'm not sure that you can change your viewfinder like that.

  • Hi @SGaist !

    I moved the 2 lines :

    QCameraViewfinder *viewfinder = new QCameraViewfinder(this);

    from my principale function to the MaFenetre::onActionSelected function, and that work !

    Thanks a lot guys, you're magic here ! I was searching for days !

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