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Works sometimes but not always?

  • Downloaded and installed QtCreator 3.6.0 on my Win7 PC last night. Ran some of the Demo Examples. Clocks, StocQt, and Calqlatr all worked fine. Calender did not! Qt itself froze - 'not responding' appears by program title - and two copies of calender.exe appear in the Task Manager although nothing appears on screen. These two cannot be killed off until Qt itself is killed.
    I tried following the tutorial for TextFinder. All went well and it appeared to compile - I had the Compiler window open at the bottom - but when it had completed Qt froze again. This time there were three versions of TextFinder.exe in the Task Manager and these will not die at all! Only a reboot kills them.
    I am at a loss to know what to do next. I will happily supply further information if needed but right now I don't know what that may be.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Do you also experience this with a default created project ?

  • Hi SGaist

    As I said, I just ran some demos and they either worked fine or else Qt froze and the demo prog window never appeared.
    Another thing has happened now: little orange dots appear either north-west or north-east of the big green 'run' arrow. Lord only knows what they mean but I'm pretty sure it won't be good.

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    Try to disable your anti-virus software

  • OMG!!!!!! That worked!!!!! Both calender and TextFinder just compiled and ran. No orange dots on the green arrow.

    Thank you jsulm. You deserve a medal. I was getting so frustrated. I have ben using BCB6 for many years and fancied a change and it nearly got to chuck-it-all-away stage. You are a life saver.

    WHY DID IT WORK????? Sorry for the all-caps but I am just so excited now and tend to overdo the noise level. Please tell me what's going on. btw it is Avast and I simply turned off the file system shield.

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    Because certain antivirus are very very very protective so as soon as an executable is created they go into panic mode and generally put said executable in quarantine without notification. I've lost a few hours with that a few years back.

    That doesn't mean you should have one running e.g. Windows Defender didn't trigger such a use case.

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    @BrianE Avast just wants to prevent you from writing viruses and such :-)

  • Have now refined Avast to just stop checking executables and all still OK.

    I have not seen any mention of the possible clash with anti-virus software in any of the places I hunted for solutions. I think it should go in a FAQ somewhere. It would have saved me hours of frustration. Such a simple solution that I would never have thought of.

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