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PDF with QWebView

  • Hi
    I need to display a PDF in a QWebView. I already tried various solutions proposed in other topic but i could not make them work.

    This is my code:

    QString strUrl = QString("file:///C:/pdf/pdf-test.pdf");
    QUrl xUrl (strUrl);

    QWebSettings * pxWebSettings = QWebSettings::globalSettings();
    pxWebSettings->setAttribute(QWebSettings::PluginsEnabled, true);
    pxWebSettings->setAttribute(QWebSettings::JavascriptEnabled, true);
    pxWebSettings->setAttribute(QWebSettings::LocalContentCanAccessFileUrls, true);


    N.B. m_pxRfmView is my QWebView and i user qt 5.3

    I create QTWEBKIT_PLUGIN_PATH and MOZ_PLUGIN_PATH environmental variables with "C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat Reader DC\Reader\Browser".
    I create MY_APP/plugins folder and i put in nppdf32.dll (is the same dll that is presnet into "Acrobat Reader DC\Reader\Browser" directory.

    I alo tried with QPrinter but doesn't work.

    can someone help me?
    Thanks in advanced!

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    one idea to also explicitly set the mime-type:

    m_pxRfmView->setContent(pdfFiledata, "application/pdf");

    This has the disadvantage to load the whole PDF file into memory first. (Which is no problem for smaller sized PDF files.)

  • @raven-worx Thank you for reply.
    I tried your solution but in my case doesn't work.
    With my code or with your solution i see only the background (dark grey) . it seems that QWebView load the pdf file but it can't display

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    i would then expect a error message inside the PDF plugin?
    But i don't know how the plugin behaves in such case.

    One last try using HTML:

    <object src="" width="800" height="600" type='application/pdf'>
    Can't display PDF file

  • @raven-worx said:
    No error message.

    Even with html doesn't works.

  • give some solution to resolve this issue.

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    @Gaurav-Badgujar At least a "Please" would be nice - we are not in army here and people do it in their own time for free.

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