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Multilingual help in my Qt app

  • Hi everyone. I have some trouble with help system in my qt app.

    I want to write help system for my app. At first, it will be a multilingual help system. At second, i want to use Qt Assistant to show my help.

    I read in the Internet, that i must at first make a html document with my help and after that i must transform it to some standard type for using it in qt assistant. And in this step i have some question :
    0) What is the easiest way to make html document with help ?

    1. How i can create a multilingual help system with Qt? Can I make separate html-docs for every language and after that switch between these dosuments in Qt Assistant? How Does it work?
    2. What is the easiest way to create multilingual help system with Qt?
    3. What is the better idea for my help : use Qt Assitant to show it or use a custom HelpBrowser(based on QTextBrowser). My app is not very large.

    Sorry for my poor English. Thanks!

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    You can start with Using Qt Assistant as a Custom Help Viewer. It explains how to create your own help system with the help of Qt Assistant.

  • @SGaist thanks for refernece, but I read it already and i have some difficulties with it :
    0) Generating .qhp and .qhcp files - i must generate it by hand. And it's not good way, i think.

    1. After that i want to translate my help system into other language - i solved that problem with other application, but i want solve it with Qt. How?
    2. And after that my help i will integrate in Qt Assistant. But i can't imagine, how integrate multilingual help in the Qt Assistant.

  • I have the same problem and I'm really thinking to write a own program to manage multilingual html help.

  • @mrdebug do u know about any way to generate .qhp file automatically?

  • Sorry but not. I don't know so much qt assistant but seems to be a nice tool to generate source documentation instead of program manual.

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    This fellow made a py script to auto create qhp files.
    Not from HTML though.

  • My problem is to write multilingual documentation for a program. The format is not so important, important is to manage the documentation in all platforms.
    Can you suggest me a free tool?

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    You mean for the creation of the files or
    what do you mean with
    "manage the documentation in all platforms"

    I just use word and have 1 doc for each language.
    Not fancy and also looking for better way as its hard to keep track
    of status of the various languages when new text is added.

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