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Looking for help in porting Cocoa/ObjC/OSX app to Windows/C++/Qt

  • I need more manpower in porting my app from Cocoa/ObjC/OSX to Windows/C++/Qt. The resulting codebase would eventually become the shared codebase between the two platforms.

    Work has already started but there is at least 3 months of solid full time work left plus some part time work after that. Remote work is fine, we already use Git, Travis, Slack & Trello to organize and communicate. As the original developer on the project I would be involved in the port but it would not be my main focus during that time.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You should maybe describe a bit your project or at least the skill set needed to work on it.

  • Hi. Can you explain the kind of the app to port (game, ...)? If you want you can send me more info at I'm a specialist on cross development with Qt.

  • Of course. The project is a desktop app which allows DJs to organize their music collections and sync the results between different DJ programs.

    Think iTunes, but for DJs.

  • Where are you located and which is your timezone?

  • @Didier-Malenfant I am an expert in Qt for desktop and mobile (and embedded even) platforms and have extensive iOS Cocoa/ObjC/OSX and Android (Java) experience so I can certainly help you with this project.
    I use Git and SVN and many communications/organization tools since I have been working remotely for people for over 20 years. I am free up to 36 hours per week (I do have other clients). I am a US Citizen and have a corporation so we can do this C2C very easily. I look forward to working with you.
    Some years ago I worked on a similar project to what you describe for Stanford University and MediaVision along with developing waveguide based synthesis technology (first commonplace)

    David Rivkin, PhD

  • @mrdebug I am in California so PST.

    For legal reasons, US based programmers would be preferred.

  • We are Bangalore ( India ) based Authorized Qt commercial licenses distributors and also having extensive experience in the Qt, and Video Streaming application.

    Our team has delivered Qt based solutions for well-known multinational customers across domains including consumer electronics,EDA, Automotive and industrial applications and CAD tools. We are also an authorized distributor for the commercial version of Qt with full access to Digia engineering team for technical support if required

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    Wish to check if you are in need of any such services/ Licenses related to the same? , Please let us know, will be glad to share further case studies and details.

    If you think any of our technical capabilities can be used as add-on to any of your projects/requirements as your extended team, we can quickly connect over an introductory call to learn more about each other.

    Please suggest a convenient date and time for the same at the earliest?

    Best Regards

  • @Didier-Malenfant I am a US Citizen (5th generation). So how do I get in touch with you so I can send you my resume?

  • @DRivkin anyone interested can send an email to and I can take it from there.