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QTableWidget memory free

  • I have a TableWidget in which i have allocated some rows using setRowCount().
    In this row i have added QSpinBox Widget inside TableWIdget Cell using setCellWidget()...
    My doubt is if i delete rows using deleteRow(), those widgets i have added inside those cells (QSpinBox) will get deleted or it may lead to memory leak....I have given parent for QSpinBox as "this" pointer..

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    As stated in the documentation (
    "Sets the given widget to be displayed in the cell in the given row and column, passing the ownership of the widget to the table."
    That means if you add a widget using setCellWidget() then the ownership is passed to the table, so the table is responsible for freeing memory. I think if you delete the row then all widgets will be deleted automatically.

  • @jsulm : Thanks for ur reply.....My doubt is cleared.

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