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QT5 Examples webkitwidgets/browser with virtual keyboard

  • We are using QT5.5.0 and WebkitWedget/Browser is one of the demo programs that we choose to run on TI Sitara 335x/437x EVMs. We encounter the following two virtual keyboard related issues.

    1. If we run QT5 Browser with EGLFS back end (i.e. Full screen mode), the virtual keyboard does not show up when we try to enter URL field. Is it an expected behavior? In other words, is virual keyboard supported on this mode?

    2. If we run QT5 Browser with Wayland back end, the virtual keyboard does show up and everything works fine except it is not clear how to make the virtual keyboard disappear after entering input. The virtual keyboard still appears even after the browser is terminated.

    Any inputs will be highly appreciated!

    Best regards,


  • Moderators

    about what virtual keyboard are we talking here? The native one or a one which is implemented in your application.

    The EGLFS backend only supports a single top-level window for painting, so this is the reason why no other window gets displayed.

  • Thanks for the information. I am refer to the native one at the example because I did not change the code.
    For question one, yes, it makes sense that the virtual keyboard cannot show up because there is only one window supported.

    Do you have any suggestion for question two?

    Thanks again for your kind assistance!

    Best regards,


  • We found out the second issue was introduced by the new version of weston (1.9) implementation. The virtual keyboard works as expected on weston 1.6.

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