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Custom ComboBoxStyle on Android (Qml)

  • Hey,

    When I use a ComboBox on android, it gets a native style like expected. When I try to customize the style (like this):

    ComboBox {
        style: ComboxBoxStyle {}

    The combox box is styled as if it would be on desktop (even so I did not specify anything).

    Could it be, that the ComboBoxStyle I am creating this way is the wrong one (for android)? How can I get the platform specific style and customize that?

  • Hey @RudolfVonKrugstein

    It's a fallback. Example on an app I've been working on. It will also change to a completely different look and feel if you use

    Not explicitly explained in the documentation(took me a while to realize it) , using different QApplication classes will alter the default style used.

    #define QuickApp QApplication (part of Widgets module, provides mostly platform/desktop styles)
    #define QuickApp QGuiApplication (provides default style chosen by Qt)

    style: ButtonStyle {
                background: Rectangle {
                    id: csBG
                    color: control.pressed ? "black" : "#142147"
                    states: [
                        State {
                            name: "csfShow"
                            PropertyChanges {
                                target: csBG
                                color: "black"
                        State {
                            name: "fakeHideOut"
                            PropertyChanges {
                                target: csBG
                                color: "#142147"

    If you take a look at

    You will notice that in properties we have background which takes in a Component (Item, Rectangle, etc). font will take care of anything related to fonts but doesn't limit you in any way.

    Point is you can override anything you like, if you leave any of the properties empty it will use pre-determined fallback as far as I remember.

    You may be interested in this article (coming in 5.6 which should be out either this or next month)

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