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How to launch GammaRay GUI

  • I successfully built GammaRay with MSVC 12 and Qt 5.4.0. I am able to use the launcher to select my process and attach, and a terminal window opens, displaying

    Detected ABI qt5.4-MSVC-release-i686, using ABI qt5.4-MSVC-release-i686.

    The GammaRay GUI does not appear. Although I am able to interact with my program, the process will eventually terminate, displaying

    Target not responding - timeout.
    See <> for troubleshooting
    QThread: Destroyed while thread is still running

    If I run gammaray-client.exe a splash screen appears but disappears after awhile. This is all I have seen of a GUI.

    How do I access the GUI shown in the pictures at the Am I doing something wrong?

  • Got it to work. The only way I got it to work is to launch from command line. ex: gammaray --probe PROBE_OF_CHOICE PATH_TO_QT_EXE\qt_app.exe.

    And of course the probe config must be the same as the app's build config. For reference, my environment is Windows 10. GammaRay on Qt 5.6 QtQuick 2.0 apps.

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