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Qt5 Mobile Windows Phone calling .NET stuff from Qt? (for push)

  • Hi,

    i need to estimate the work to port a qt mobile app that i have developed to Windows Phone. At the moment the app uses parse for push messages, but they do not support Windows Phone.

    I do not know anything about windows development. I have found some examples how to register a device for push at the Microsoft services, but they are all in C#.

    How do i actually port this app? Until now i used mxe (and therefor gcc) to port Qt Software for Windows, i assume to develop for Windows Mobile, i need Qt actually be installed on a Windows system with installed MS Visual C++. Is this correct?

    Will the C# classes for push registration (e.g. Microsoft.Phone.Notification.HttpNotificationChannel) be simply available in C++ once Visual C is installed? Is it possible to simply mix them with my Qt Code?

    How about gcc, any way to uses this classes via mxe cross compiling environment?

    Thank you

  • Hi,

    the Visual Studio compilers are the only option if you are targeting Windows Phone and/or Windows Store Apps.

    Whether there are C++ bindings/headers for a C# library depends on the provider of that library. Even Microsoft is not 100% consistent. Some items are fully supported (In-App-Purchase), some partially (In-App-Advertising) and some are simply not exposed to C++ at all. You will need to check the documentation yourself unfortunately.

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